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We support equal information right. Our website is accessible to disabled users including those hearing impaired, visually impaired, colour blind or those with cognitive disabilities that require special technology to access the internet.

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W3C Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

W3C Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

We aspire to create a website accessible to all, without any barrier, including those with disability: those hearing impaired, visually impaired, colour blind or those with cognitive disabilities that require special technology to access the internet. It indeed took us extra time and efforts. We believe that it’s worth all the while. Our aim is to ensure that any visitor to our website can view it with minimal negative experience.


Equal information right of disabled users is important. It is a good practice of corporate social responsibility. Increasingly more websites of governments and large corporations are accessible to disabled users. The Hong Kong SAR government has recently introduced the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme as well. In the US, websites are required to do so according to Disability Discrimination Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


There are other benefits in making the website more accessible, according to World Wide Web Consortium standard or, in short, W3C compliance. 

  • Optimized Web Ranking: W3C compliant websites contain minimum coding which ensures that websites are optimized and easily accessible by search engine spiders. This would boost the rank and visibility of your websites immensely.

  • Fast Downloading: Your website would function optimally on any device, desktop computer or mobile phone. With much faster downloading and easier navigation, your customers would enjoy your website more and visit again.
  • Easy Maintenance: The universal, standard coding style would make the daily update easy and effortless. It’s already compliant with standards such as HTML, CSS, or the Web Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Best Practice and Design: As the main international standard, it serves as the quality yardstick in syncroynization with the latest design standard specifications. It helps increase the stability, usability and durability of a web design. It also reduces the time, budget and efforts for future development or enhancement.

We have first hand experience in creating a W3C compliant website and therefore we can create one for you.  Alternatively, we can also assist you in re-inventing your website by enhancing it with W3C coding.


We would be delighted to explain the challenges and opportunities, costs and time associated. Give us a call
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Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2014